Terry Jensen is a decorated soldier in the US Army National Guard. He never imagined that his biggest battle would not be the time he served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004-2005, but rather fighting the cancer in in own body. My Happy Haven is pleased to announce Terry Jensen as the next recipient of a bedroom makeover. He will soon have a peaceful place to heal and recover.

Terry first beat colon cancer two years ago. His chemo and radiation treatment was a success and he achieved remission for six months. However during a routine follow-up exam, the doctors revealed that his cancer had spread to his urinary tract and liver. He is now battling Stage 4 recurrent colon cancer and is receiving treatment from the local VA.

He remains optimistic because that’s the disposition of a soldier. He is fighting cancer not only for himself but to continue the beautiful life he has with his wife of 24 years. They have four children – two at home and two away in college.

Terry has worked at FedEx since 2019 & has full support of the company as he battles cancer. Terry’s wife Mandy also works at FedEx, both feel fortunate to part of a company that provides so much support during this difficult time in their lives.

Terry’s whole family are soldiers fighting alongside him to keep him safe and healthy.
His bedroom makeover will be his recovery oasis that he needs and deserves.