Over 10 years ago, I was watching a television episode, where an organization created a bedroom makeover for a young girl who had cancer. I’ll never forget the huge, uncomfortable lump in my throat as a father picked up his daughter and opened the door to her newly redecorated bedroom. I knew then, it was a divinely inspired moment because so much emotion welled up inside me. It was only a year later that a friend and I embarked on a journey into the non-profit world, and MY HAPPY PLACE was born. We knew nothing about starting a 501(c)3, about the legalities involved, nor did we want to! We wanted to find people who’d support our mission, have fun decorating, and revel in the excitement of a person who was suffering from a life-threatening illness, walk into their new bedroom for the first time. We not only accomplished that, but SO MUCH MORE! 10 years later, we have a total of 9 Affiliates in 6 different states and have completed over 150-bedroom makeovers combined. My Happy Place is my passion and truly one of the most gratifying endeavors of my life. We want to enable others to have that same experience and so we’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s, enabling us to grow our family of Affiliates. We eliminate you having to worry about the legalities so you can focus on spreading the word, building your team of volunteers, and enjoying the ride of a lifetime!

– Lisa Tan


My Happy Place, when formed in 2013, offered bedroom makeovers for children with life-threatening illnesses. In 2016, a sister organization was formed, My Happy Haven, offering bedroom makeovers for women with cancer. We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary and decided to make some changes in order to serve more people. We are phasing out MHH and simply being MY HAPPY PLACE, offering bedroom (or other spaces) to any individual struggling with a life-threatening illness. While cancer will always be a predominate illness, we want to recognize that many men, women and children suffer from many other forms of serious and life-threatening illnesses, that can benefit from what we have to offer. Our new MISSION STATEMENT: Creating joyful spaces for the well-being of those with a serious health diagnosis.


We take care of the legal issues, so you can focus on forming your “dream team”. You’ll want to create partnerships with individuals and businesses you will most likely utilize for each room you do. We will give you the training you will need along the way, that will enable you to determine your beneficial team players. We’ll be available to guide you every step of the way.


Being a director is a volunteer position. Although you may not be monetarily compensated, the gratification you’ll feel will be reward in itself. You may experience a few minor hurdles along the way, but we guarantee when you witness the moment of the Reveal, aside from shedding a few “happy tears” yourself, you’ll be anxious to get started on the next makeover. We seek individuals who first and foremost, have big hearts with a passion to help individuals struggling with a serious health diagnosis. A director is responsible for implementing the makeover process, seeking sponsorship and marketing the organization so you find the applicants. Having a network of support is beneficial. Pinterest-minded individuals and DIY’ers will LOVE being a part of your network of volunteers. Designers will love seeing how creative they can be.


MHP is totally reliant on donations from individuals and businesses to enable us to do the rooms. My Happy Place is a 501(c)3, enabling a donor’s contribution to be tax deductible. Although a donation link is created for each recipient so that those who want to contribute may do so, we want the rooms to be the gifts they were intended to be and never a financial burden to the family.


While My Happy Place will never dictate how many rooms you must do per month/year, we hope this opportunity is taken seriously, with the goal of helping as many people as possible. We can help you determine what are realistic goals for you in your geographic area you will be serving. If you find it takes more time than you had anticipated, you might want to consider creating more than 1 design team. My Happy Place does require each affiliate hold 1 main fundraiser per calendar year.


Corporate My Happy Place requires a $1,200 startup fee which covers the costs and time involved with onboarding a new Affiliate. However, because we feel no volunteer should have to spend money out of their pocket to do volunteer work, you may reimburse yourself for this fee as your bank account grows and allows. Corporate My Happy Place currently receives a 7.5% administrative fee from all donations received. This fee covers start-up costs, marketing, insurance, legal and other variable and fixed expenses.



• Incorporate for you in the state you will be doing business in
• An EIN number (federal ID)
• Filing a state’s annual or biennial report
• End of year 990 filing
• Accounting services, providing you with weekly donation reports
• Insurance
• Marketing materials to get you started
• Your own page on our website
• Your own bank account within our banking institution
• A Facebook page started for you
• Support and encouragement every step of the way. We’re always available to help you navigate this journey. We’re in this together!


If what you’ve read has further ignited that spark that initially led you here, we invite you to fill out the application below.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Have questions about becoming involved with one of our affiliates?

We love answering questions and connecting with you! Whether you are interested in volunteering, becoming a sponsor or partner, or even potentially becoming an affiliate, you can contact us today and we will get back with you shortly.


We love answering questions and connecting with you! Reach out to us today and we will get back with you shortly.