How do I nominate a child that I know could benefit from your services?

Please fill out an application directly from our website or by clicking HERE. You can also mail a printed version to our corporate office at

MY HAPPY PLACE, PO Box 982, Mason City, IA 50402

What children are eligible?
Children between the ages of 3 and 17 with a diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness
What adult's are eligible?

The recipient must be an adult and at least 18 years of age and have a documented cancer diagnosis. If younger, then the individual would need to fill out the form a form for “child nomination”

Is there any cost to us?
NONE. All the costs of a bedroom makeover are paid for out of sponsorships, partnerships, and My Happy Places funding.
Who can fill out the application?
Any family member or friend may do so. Many times the parents themselves are busy with the daily care of the child, so another family member steps in to do so. However, we encourage that person to inform the parents.
How long does it take to find out if the application is accepted?
Applications are reviewed at our monthly board meetings or by a proxy vote should there be an immediate need. We operate during the months of September – May.
Do sicker adult's or children take priority?

It is up to My Happy Place’s discretion to prioritize the order of the applicants. We do not operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those children and adult’s with a critical illness are taken into account and may need to take priority. My Happy Place will even consider doing a needed makeover during the summer months if necessary.

Does the recipient have to be a home owner?

The recipient of My Happy Haven or My Happy Place must own their own home. If they do not then we will have to have written permission from the landlord.

Do they need confirmation from a physician?

If selected, a physician form must be filled out before any work can be done on the room.

Have questions about becoming involved with one of our affiliates?

We love answering questions and connecting with you! Whether you are interested in volunteering, becoming a sponsor or partner, or even potentially becoming an affiliate,

you can contact us today and we will get back with you shortly.


We love answering questions and connecting with you! Reach out to us today and we will get back with you shortly.