How do I nominate someone who I know could benefit from your services?

Please fill out an application directly from our website by clicking HERE for a Child or HERE for an Adult. You can also mail a printed version to our corporate office at MY HAPPY PLACE, PO Box 982, Mason City, IA 50402

What children are eligible?

Children between the ages of 3 and 17 with a diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness. Whenundecided, we use the criteria “a condition which left untreated, could potentially be fatal”.

What women and men are eligible?

The recipient must have a lifethreatening illness, and in current treatment. We define a lifethreatening illness as “an acute or chronic condition, which left untreated, could potentially be fatal”.

Is there any cost to us?

NONE. All the costs of the makeover are paid for out of sponsorships, partnerships, and My HappyPlace funding.

Who can fill out the application?

Any family member or friend may do so for children or adult nominations. In the case of a child, often times the parents are busy with the daily care of the child, so another family member steps into do so. However, we encourage that person to inform the parents.

How long does it take to find out if the application is accepted?

As there are many variables to take into consideration, the length of time for this process candiffer ranging from 2 weeks to amonth or more.

Do critically ill nominees take priority?

It is up to My Happy Place’s discretion to prioritize the order of the applicants. We do not operate ona firstcome, firstserve basis. However, the nominees with a critical illness may be takenintoaccount and have priority.

Does the recipient have to be a home owner?

The recipient of a My Happy Place makeover would ideally own their own home. If not, and thehome is rented, wewill need to have written permission from the landlord with the understandingthe scope of work that may be done.

Do they need verification from a physician about their diagnosis?
Yes. My Happy Place requires diagnosis verification.

If you have any questions not answered here regarding eligibility, please contact us

Have questions about becoming involved with one of our affiliates?

We love answering questions and connecting with you! Whether you are interested in volunteering, becoming a sponsor or partner, or even potentially becoming an affiliate, you can contact us today and we will get back with you shortly.


We love answering questions and connecting with you! Reach out to us today and we will get back with you shortly.