I’m Leman and I live in Northwood, IA with my wife, Eve and our 12-year-old twin boys, Simon and Mason. I have lived a rather painful life. When I was in middle school, I started having awful hip pain. It was finally taken care of after my 3rd hip surgery more than 15 years later.

Two years later, I spent over a week in the burn unit after my pants caught fire burning some brush. I ended up having 7 surgeries to repair my foot and leg.

A year after the fire and my 4th burn surgery, I started having horrific headaches that led to my glioblastoma brain cancer diagnosis. I was told to get my affairs in order, that I didn’t have much time. This type of cancer has a 6.9% 5-year survival rate and an avg. survival rate of 8 mos.

After 2 brain surgeries and many different treatments, I have outlived that grim prognosis several times over. Currently, I am doctoring at MD Anderson Hospital in Texas receiving gene checkpoint inhibitor therapy.

A year ago, my wife and twin sons and I, moved into my father-in-law’s house in order to save money on our bills. The only problem with that is, we are stuck with a basement bedroom.

Thankfully, I was nominated for a MHP bedroom makeover, so I will have a happy, peaceful place to spend the days I don’t feel good enough to get up and get moving. I will be free of the “dungeon-esque” feel the room has now.

Leman’s Bedroom Reveal

Thank you to everyone who helped bring this vision to life.