Meet Jenny Carroll

I was first diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer on December 17, 2013. I was a healthy person and the shock was intense. I fought as hard as I could. My son was 13 at the time and was and is my reason for living. I am someone who loves running. I was still running and able to when I was first diagnosed. I did a 100 mile run and was featured on my local news as a badass who is kicking cancer in the teeth and showing it it will never beat me. I beat it! And I had about 4 years of blissful remission.

Until 2019. It was back(metastatic colon cancer) and had spread. The pain in my back couldn’t be ignored anymore. My son, then 18, was determined to help. He rallied some friends of his and organized an amazing car show to help raise funds for all the things. The support and folks who showed up were astonishing. By that time, I was too sick to even attend the event but I am so proud of my kiddo. Their efforts were highlighted on the local news again, and they were able to raise around 16k and we were able to make that last 9 or 10 months. Now he is out on his own. I worry. I worry all the time, but I’m also hanging on to all the strength to fight that I have. People heal through worse.