In a small community nestled 33 miles to the West of Boise, an amazing community called Middleton, Idaho is located. My Happy Haven Treasure Valley is thrilled to share in the joy of a bedroom makeover with one of our very own Middleton residents. Our joy and excitement go beyond words. We would love to share Jodi’s story with everyone.

Jodi Hertz Meine & her beloved husband of 27 years, David, have lived in the Middleton community for 16 years. She is a 46-year-old, mother of 4, a VERY proud grandmother of 2, a Math teacher at Middleton Middle school, and most importantly an amazing individual.

Jodi received her master’s in mathematics in 2020 and is an avid runner who has received several medals. Jodi loves to spend her free time, gardening, reading, running, and service work in her community.

At the beginning of the summer of 2021, Jodi was diagnosed with Breast Cancer that required her to have aggressive treatments. After several surgeries, the tumors in her breast were successfully removed and she was able to move forward with the next stage of her treatment, which includes a very aggressive form of chemotherapy. Jodi is currently fighting her cancer battle with determination and grace. She exemplifies the definition of being resilient. She is strong in her faith and all that know her, are confident she will win this battle.

My Happy Haven Treasure Valley is thrilled to shower Jodi with additional love by doing a bedroom make-over, a place Jodi can rest and enjoy. Jodi has a huge support system from the Middleton community, faculty, and students of the Middleton school district, friends & most important her family.

On behalf of Jodi and her family, the My Happy Haven Treasure Valley board asks our friends to help make Jodi’s a dream come true. Donations can be made directly to Jodi’s bedroom makeover by going to and select Treasure Valley. Your donation will make a difference. Stay Tuned for more details on the bedroom makeover reveal.

My Happy Haven Treasure Valley