‘m Jennifer Keeran. I am a 52-year-old preschool teacher living in Mason City, Iowa.

In June 2022 I had been having some discomfort and visited my family doctor. After a referral, and exploratory surgery, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I was scheduled to begin appointments at Mayo Clinic on August 15th. Unfortunately I had some severe complications before this date. I had surgery at Mayo on August 15th instead. Recovering from surgery, and dealing with an infection around my tumor that needed to be drained, was a lot to deal with. I was off work for six weeks and in pain much of that time.

I am now back to work and thrilled about it! I have a wonderful classroom full of smiling faces, and the best co teacher to welcome me each morning.

But my journey to cancer recovery is really only beginning. I begin my first chemotherapy treatment this week, with seven more treatments to follow. This will be followed by radiation and another surgery, hopefully in the spring.

I spent much of this summer lying in bed, in one position, trying to get comfortable. When I returned from my surgery at Mayo it was more of the same.

I had so much time to look around my bedroom and wish I had the energy or resources to make it a prettier or more organized space. So when I was surprised with my nomination to My Happy Haven, I was thrilled to say the least.

Cancer has been painful, and not just physically. It is difficult to make many plans because I never know how my body will feel. Even something as simple as decorating for Christmas feels overwhelming this year.

This bedroom makeover has given me something to look forward to. My space will be beautiful, relaxing, and complete. I’m certain I will be spending much time in bed in the months to come as I rest and recover. Now I smile when I think about it.

Kelsey and Lisa have been a joy to work with. My family, friends, and I would like to thank everyone from My Happy Haven, Mason City Clinic, and all of the other sponsors for making this bedroom makeover possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.