Elliot Krumm was diagnosed with High Grade Large B Cell “Burkitt-like” Lymphoma in September of 2021. His cancer is also present in his spinal fluid. His tumor in his throat was so large it was beginning to block his airway and he required a temporary tracheotomy so he could breathe. Elliot has had 6 rounds of intense Chemotherapy as well as many procedures. Elliot is excited to announce he just completed his last Chemotherapy. The next step is a PET Scan to determine if his cancer is gone. Elliot’s Dr’s told him that he could potentially return to in person learning for school after spring break which he is so happy about. He really misses school and his friends.

When Elliot grows up his dream is to be in the Army. He loves outdoor activities. Biking, fishing, archery, and helping his papa with feeding and taking care of the cattle just to name his favorites. He loves video games, Star Wars, football (Saints), Lego Sets and cars. On car rides he will point out every drool worthy car and name off the specs on why it’s so awesome. It’s another language to me but I love his passion.

Elliot is so grateful to be given a room makeover and can’t wait to see what the team comes up with for him. When he received his diagnosis, he swapped rooms with his sister and has had to deal with pink and purple walls. He’s ready for his space to feel like it is truly his.