Meet Heather Marshall

I am a mom of 6 beautiful children. My favorite thing in life is being a mom, so the day I found a lump, my whole world flashed in front of my eyes. 
June 1, 2021, is when my results came in, and I received a call from the hospital explaining what those long words truly meant. At age 38, I realized I was not invincible, and cancer does not discriminate. I have been a registered nurse for 16 years now, so medical words usually come easy to me when I read or hear them. This time they were much harder to comprehend. 
I received the diagnosis phone call on a Tuesday, and by Friday, I was meeting with a surgeon to talk about surgery. The following week I was in my oncologist’s office and plastic surgeon’s. Everything for the next few months was a whirlwind! 


I’ve undergone three surgeries and chemotherapy in the past ten months, and I will continue hormone therapy for the next ten years. In August 2022, I will face one more surgery. My family and friends have been there for me every step, and I’m beyond grateful that I do not have to take this journey alone. 
A special thanks to the beautiful soul who nominated me to receive a warm and cozy oasis I get to call my bedroom! A HUGE thank you to My Happy Haven, their determination to bring happiness during an emotional and physical storm does not go unnoticed.