Meet Bethany Zimmerman

Bethany Zimmerman has unfortunately experienced a fast and furious journey with her cancer diagnosis – progressing from first hearing the words, “your endoscopy revealed that you have esophageal cancer”, to “you have stage 4 metastatic cancer”, in a matter of weeks. After receiving this news, Bethany immediately pursued treatment of radiation, followed by chemotherapy.

Bethany remains committed to the fight. She fights for her amazing, creative, insightful 17- year-old son, Cole as well as her witty, intelligent, clever 7-year-old daughter Zoey, and her wonderful husband James. Additionally, Bethany’s father, mother-in-law, brother, and sisters in law, brothers in law, nieces and nephews are part of her family. Every day of treatment provides the potential for one more day together.

In addition to her amazing family, Bethany has a core group of friends how have become her chosen family. She wants to enjoy many more birthdays, holidays, and get together with her treasured tribe!

As if cancer weren’t enough of a challenge, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013. As such, she and three friends created one of her most treasured accomplishments – they created a nonprofit called 208 Local MS’ers, benefiting those in the Treasure Valley with Multiple Sclerosis.

Bethany plans to spend her moments left on this earth spreading love and kindness – after all, what is a better reason to exist?