Creating a welcoming bedroom/playroom are for little Oz to enjoy throughout his unexpected cancer journey is the first order of business as My Happy Place kicks off a new year.

Designer, Katie Klemesrud is busy brainstorming all the necessities to ensure this art-loving, Paw Patrol super-hero has everything he could ever dream of, helping to create a diversion from his chemo and doctor appointments and yet provide a joyful, happy place for him to rest and heal in the days ahead.

Meet Ozrael “Oz”, son of Dave Guerrero and Whittney Hubert. These parents received the kind of news nightmares are made of. Oz was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer that has most recently spread to his lungs.

In a short amount of time, he has completed his 4th round of chemo with a busy schedule of more chemo in the months ahead. They are excited to report they are seeing progress with the current plan on deck, which only speaks volumes to this strong little warrior.

Still a long journey ahead for little Oz, My Happy Place of Mason City is ready to step in and bring their “Dream Team” and community together, to show Oz and his family that when it comes to fighting a life-threatening illness, no one fights alone.