Olivia’s Story

Sometimes the bravest of the brave come in tiny little bodies. Meet Olivia (Liv). She is an incredibly smart, creative, spunky 7-year-old with two little sisters who look up to her as their superhero, and for good reason. Liv has beat cancer in a BIG WAY. When cancer interrupted a family vacation two years ago, it had no idea what it was facing with this amazing family. We are so very excited to bring her a HAPPY PLACE made just for her, where she can celebrate being cancer free! We thought it would be best to hear Liv’s story directly from her. So, in Olivia’s words:

When I was five years old, my mom and dad found a big bump on my neck. So then, I had to go to the hospital during my vacation in North Carolina.

The doctor was really worried about it so I had to leave my sisters and grandma and grandpa and leave with my mom and dad to fly home to the Iowa City hospital.

When I was there, I learned that my bump was called cancer. I had to have surgery and get a port. That weekend was also my birthday so I had to celebrate my birthday there and turned six.

After almost a week, I got to leave and go home. Then I went to a hospital called Blank and met Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Hickman, Nurse Mary and Nurse Katie. I was really scared on my first day but then I got used to it. The more I went, the more my fears started clearing away.

I had to have chemo for a little more than a year. All my hair fell out and I only got to go to school sometimes. I was really tired a lot and sometimes didn’t feel good. But After 66 weeks, my cancer was all gone! I got to ring the bell with my whole family on January 3, 2023.

When my mom and dad told me I was going to get a special, new room I was very happy. I’m so excited to have my own special room to relax, draw and read books. Sometimes I had to stay nights at the hospital and I always wanted to bring my own bed. I love my room and can’t wait to make it a happy place.