My name is Lynn. My husband, two sons, and I are so excited to be given the gift of a makeover for our bedroom. My husband and I met in 1998. We have been married for 23 years. We met while working for a company that provides educational travel programs for both students and adults. We have two beautiful sons. One who is 16 and one who just started college and is 19.. We were ecstatic to find out about makeover for our bedroom, to give me a place of serenity during my cancer diagnosis treatment.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March 2022. My world crashed to the ground when I found out. I will never forget that day, ever. I began chemotherapy immediately, followed by then had a radical, debulking hysterectomy, with removal of my spleen. Unfortunately, that did not work as exactly as we wanted it to. I began a clinical trial in February 2023. Same thing, did not work as well as we wanted it to. I am now on my third regime of chemotherapy. I have had numerous procedures and hospital stays there in 2023. I think it was about three months total. Unfortunately, in September 2023, I began having massive headaches and vision problems. I acted on it quickly and they were able to see that the cancer has metastasized to my brain. I have now just completed 10 rounds of radiation to my brain.

I am so excited for a makeover in my bedroom. I have not had a peaceful oasis or place of serenity during my treatment. I have been dreaming of a place I can escape to when I don’t feel very well and I don’t want my family to see me suffering.

We couldn’t be more appreciative for this opportunity. I feel like a ‘kid in a candy store’. We are so blessed and feel so happy to be given this incredible gift from My Happy Place. An oasis I will truly be happy in.