Meet Amy Feist

In 2014 Amy’s first brainstem glioma cancer was cured after radiation, chemotherapy, and prayer. She had several years of health, and then in 2020, she was diagnosed with the same kind of tumor, but now it is growing in her cervical spine. They treated her with radiation and chemotherapy, but in 2022 it showed growth and has been growing since then. Amy has lost the function of her right arm and is losing function of her right leg. She is relying on a walker to get around, and on friends and family for every day needs.

Currently, Amy’s doctor is at Duke University Cancer Center in North Carolina. Amy and her husband, Deron, fly out to North Carolina every 8 weeks after having an MRI of her brain and entire spine here in Colorado. She also visits our local cancer center for infusions, and is also seeing an alternative doctor in Houston for treatments.

Amy’s new bedroom will help her have a beautiful, restful place as she continues her journey. She loves the modern farmhouse design, and we will make sure she can enjoy this kind of Happy Place through this makeover.

Amy’s Reveal