I’m Jennifer Tresch. I’m 46 and I live with Bloom’s Syndrome. Bloom’s is a rare genetic disorder that causes small stature, a weakened immune system and more susceptibility to cancers. This past December, I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. This is my fourth time being diagnosed with cancer. In 1994, I was diagnosed with Large Cell Lymphoma while I was a senior in HS. In 2015, I had breast cancer, and 2019 I was diagnosed with Small Cell Lymphoma. On Feb. 11, 2022, I underwent esophageal surgery. During this surgery I endured many complications from internal bleeding, lung failure and paralyzed vocal cords. On March 28th I was discharged and returned home to continue the recovery process. With all of my complications, the doctors have stated that my recovery and healing will take some extended time.
I live by Charles City with my husband, Travis and my 2 fur babies, Louise and Piper.
I was working for the Charles City Community School District as a paraeducator until Covid-19 hit. With Covid-19 restrictions in place, I was only able to have my husband and my mom bedside with me at the hospital. I am truly blessed by all of the support my family and friends have given during this difficult journey. My sister, Angie, nominated me for a bedroom makeover while I was still in the hospital recovering. We received a phone call from Lisa saying that we had been selected to receive a My Happy Haven makeover. This was totally unexpected and we couldn’t understand why they chose us. On April 11, just 2 mos. after surgery, the MHH Designer, Brook, came to our house with Lisa via the phone, to discuss this amazing makeover process.
I can’t wait for the completion of the makeover so I can spend time recovering in my new room with my cats cuddling alongside me. Travis and I would like to extend a huge thank you to Lisa, Brooke and the MHH team for this awesome opportunity. I can’t wait to see what they have designed for my new room. We are so blessed and grateful for this organization.