MY HAPPY PLACE-Harpswell is happy to announce we are about to embark on our first bedroom makeover for a smart, vibrant and fierce 9-year-old girl. Adelynn Moody of Harpswell, is currently battling leukemia for a second time. Reveal date/time tentatively set for the first weekend of Dec

Please help us raise the $3,000 needed to complete Adelynn’s room. My Happy Place brings a community together and this is a great way for the community to show their support for this family.

Adelynn’s story through the eyes of her mother, Briget: Adelynn is a beautiful, vibrant, goofy, smart and fierce young girl that unfortunately has had to fight more than half her young life. Adelynn was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 5, just 6 months before starting Kindergarten. She endured chemotherapy treatments, bone marrow biopsies, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, spinal taps, and all of the at-home medication that comes with the treatment of this disease. She was a true fighter through it all! Adelynn endured about two and a half years of treatment, when she finally became cancer free! The day was finally here! She rang the bell at Maine Children’s Cancer Program Clinic. She could enjoy just being a kid again, being able to ride her bike, have play dates and regain some energy.

Unfortunately, Adelynn relapsed in March of 2020 at the age of 8 years old. She was in the middle of her second-grade school year, and it was the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was almost harder to hear the second time knowing that your baby girl is going to have to go through it all again. It just wasn’t fair. Adelynn had to go straight to Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland, Maine. Days turned into months. BBCH became home away from home. The worst part was not being able to have visitors due to the Covid-19 virus. It was so scary knowing how sick my little girl was and feeling so alone. Her treatment this time around has been even more intense. Adelynn has had multiple kinds of intense, grueling chemotherapy treatments, bone marrow biopsies, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, spinal taps and many medications around the clock. Her first Medi-port that was surgically placed became infected within the first couple months. Adelynn ended up with a very bad blood infection on top of the blood cancer she was already fighting. The infection made her a very sick little girl. Adelynn then needed to have another Medi-port surgically placed. She also was in grueling pain from her bowels telescoping into one another. At this point I didn’t know what was going to come next and if my baby girl could handle it. But she is a fighter! She fought in and out of BBCH up until October. She was mostly in the hospital and would have a week or two in between monthly stays where she would get her family, puppy and kitty fixes before having to return.

Adelynn missed the second half of second grade due to being in the Hospital. When the school year came around for 3rd grade, she was still in the hospital. Her 3rd grade year was remote on the computer which was helpful with all she was going through. She was able to meet new friends and talk on the computer. The hardest part of being in treatment was not being able to socialize with family and friends.

Adelynn is now a year and a half into treatment. Hard to believe she’s been through the hardest part. She now has chemotherapy treatments monthly with spinal taps every other appointment. Adelynn also has at-home chemotherapy that she takes daily and weekly. This girl is a true fighter and let’s nothing get in her way. She has fought with grace and doesn’t look back. Most days she’s feeling pretty good and can enjoy some of her loves, field hockey being one of them. Adelynn has been on a bowling league since she was in kindergarten. She hasn’t been able to bowl the last year and a half due to treatment and Covid-19. Just recently she’s been able to start up her bowling again. Adelynn is determined to be a kid, to fight, remain positive and her goal is to have this cancer journey behind her by next spring!

My Happy Place providing this opportunity for Adelynn is truly what the doctor ordered, and we feel so very blessed! She is excited to have a place where she can hang out with her friends, or just go to relax and be comfortable in. She deserves her “happy place” where she’s in her own world, a world that can help her forget all the pain and suffering she’s endured.